"The Nelsons" (Darlene and Kenny/duo act) music for Senior Living, and Assisted Living Communities and more. 

For over thirty years, The Nelsons have provided top quality entertainment and FUN for many audiences!

Darlene and Kenny have performed at many establishments in and around Nashville. Darlene was a multiple winner of Nashville's "BE A STAR" talent show and also "That's Show Biz" talent show in Branson. They would love to present their music for your special event!

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Also Available:

NELSON RECORDING STUDIO (Protools/the industry standard for recording) Producer/Engineer: Ken Nelson.
A very Comfortable recording enviroment!

Kenny Nelson: Lead guitar - Classic country, country gospel and more. Club dates, fairs/festivals, TV/radio, recording sessions. Performed in concert with Bob Wootton (Johnny Cash's lead guitar player for 30 years). Numerous samples from clients available.

(651) 428-3724 (651) 458-3724 email: